Friday, December 30, 2016

Gross Revelry Over Spotted Stash!

Greetings, gamers!

Real life has been far too hectic for me to continue blogging on a regular basis at this time. I am happy to report that my wife has joined the fold, as she asked me to create a stable of PCs back in the summer. We have been gaming on and off ever since. It slowed down with the new school year and our son's hockey season, but is still active and (best of all!) discussed regularly.

In other news, some may know I have been looking for my Top Secret RPG box, known to have been stored at my parents', for a long while now. Well, I shared this with my Tabletop Role-Playing Games groups on Facebook and want to share here for those who played TRPGs but do not partake in the FB groups celebrating them:

At last, I have found the rest of my old TRPG collection at my parents' house, save a character sheet here or there that may be interspersed with papers belonging to my siblings. After a summer jaunt into their attic proved too hot, my older son and I were able to visit the attic again on 12/29 and take home what we could not previously find. Thanks to my mom for finding the boxes that eluded me before. The last of the collection features Dragonlance Module DL2: Dragons of Flame, Marvel Super Heroes RPG Advanced Set, a few Marvel SHRPG modules, books to the original MSHRPG box set that had been in the Advanced Set box, the map to the Lankhmar city supplement I found last time, AD&D PC Record Sheets, the Avalon Hill RPG "Powers & Perils," and -- the holy grail for me, as it was what I'd most searched for in the last 5+ trips -- the Top Secret RPG and various modules/supplements.

Lastly, I added in my Dungeon! board game picture because my older son (14) and I treated my younger son (3) to his first game of it this evening after dinner. He had a blast being a "Hero" and fighting monsters for treasure. Add to this the arrival of the El Raja Key DVD Archive in today's mail and all in all, it was a great Old School Gaming day.

Until next time, Happy Gaming!