Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wizarding Schools in Greyhawk

Hello, gamers!

Almost everyone in Western Civilization has heard of Harry Potter -- or at least have heard of the series of books or movies that tell his story. Reading the books so many years ago got me to thinking of how a "Wizarding School" might look in The World of Greyhawk setting. I am one step closer to this now that I have picked up the wonderful (PDF) book, "Larius Firetongue's School of Sorcery" by Ray Chapel and his company, Quasar Knight Enterprises. (Check out his blog at the last link.)

I cannot give Larius Firetongue's School of Sorcery a full review, only because I have not been able to give it a proper and thorough read. I was able to tell Ray in a chat hosted by Tenkar's Tavern that I had picked up the book and was thrilled by its contents read so far. I have only given it a cursory read, but so far, so good. I hope to tweak it and insert it into my World of Greyhawk campaign after finishing my reading.

What ideas do you have for such a place fitting into The World of Greyhawk campaign setting? I personally keep my Greyhawk material limited to mostly pre-1986 releases, with rare exception (mostly those by James Ward, Rob Kuntz, and Greyhawk's creator, E. Gary Gygax), but there are post-1986 releases I use for anything from insertion as-is to inspiration to something I call "What Not to Do in the Same Way the Dad of the Berenstain Bears Taught Us What Not to Do."

I have thought about an existing college being located in the City of Greyhawk while something like Larius Firetongue's School of Sorcery being a rival school in Dyvers. I have previously thought of using the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons book, College of Wizardry as the school in Greyhawk City. That's another book on my ever-growing "To-Read List" (it's more of a pile on my bedside table). Perhaps the two books could be used in conjunction to inspire this rivalry.

Maybe they have football games instead of Quidditch? šŸ˜‰

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  1. Sounds good, but my Roll Players don't really take time for that sort of thing and I've long since stopped trying to force it upon them. Let me know how it turns out for you, game wise though.